eccd_mothersCommunity Uplift Program (CUP), Pakistan is not just another NGO. It is a National Level non-profit development organization  registered on 29 Jan 2001 under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. CUP has developed over the past 10 years as a national indigenous solution for implementing poverty reduction projects through an intensive and integrated participatory process. It empowers people for sustainable development and builds meaningful partnerships between all stakeholders. Yes, indeed a silent revolution is in progress in the poorest corners of Pakistan and "Community Uplift Program" (CUP) is triggering tears of joy amongst some of the most disadvantaged men, women and children living below poverty lines and empowering them to stand on their own feet by making decisions about their own development.


    CUP has also developed an intrinsic capacity to offer one-window management services, which include project evaluations, baseline studies, research studies and monitoring & evaluation services for development organizations, government agencies, donors and International NGOs. Some of our reputed clients for whom we have conducted end-project evaluations and assessments are; United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), Plan International, Technical & Management Agency (TAMA) of DFID, Ministry of Population Welfare, Care International, National Commission for Human Development, CAFOD-UK, Concern Worldwide, World Vision International (WVI), American Red Cross (ARC), UN/World Food Program, ICMC and USAID. Currently we are providing M & E Services for all USAID and WFP Projects in 21 Districts of Baluchistan. Thus, we are positioned as a community development resource centre with both upstream policy level formulation and downstream grass root level integrated participatory action planning and implementation systems and evaluation/assessment systems for development interventions.

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      CUP Pakistan coverage by AVT Khyber

      This video coverage by ATV Khyber relates to CUP Program in District Shangla of KPK Province. See video   Read More...

      Implementation Status of CUP Projects


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  • Our Vision

    To work with community partners and all stakeholders for ending the vicious poverty cycle in Pakistan through impact resulting interventions for basic human needs and improved quality of life. We envision CUP Pakistan playing its part without any discrimination with regard to gender, caste color or religion.-

    Mission Statement

    CUP Pakistan will strive to help the marginalized and ultra poor communities of Pakistan in reducing their poverty levels through mobilization and capacity building to empower them for acquiring their basic social needs and improve their quality of life. To support this mission, CUP Pakistan will establish a sustainable resource mobilization program.-

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