Overall Mission / Goal

CUP will strive to help disadvantaged and marginalized communities particularly women & children in reducing their poverty levels through quality social mobilization and capacity building of community/village based organizations, with a view to empowering them to: acquire their basic social needs in health, education, community infrastructure, early child development and economic empowerment through micro-enterprise, vocational skills, natural resource management and agro-livestock development at the grassroots level. To support its mission/goal and program, CUP will establish a sustainable resource mobilization program.

Program Thematic Focus

The Program of CUP is based upon three program thematic areas:

1. Basic Needs
  • Capacity Building Program. To facilitate the formation of women and men community organizations and to strengthen the capacity of these partner community organizations in acquiring their basic human needs through participatory planning, organizational management and project cycle management.
  • Integrated Area Upgrading Program. To mobilize communities and other stakeholders in establishing environment friendly integrated area upgrading projects which comprise inter-connected community physical infrastructure (safe drinking water systems, low cost sanitation, waste water treatment, street surfacing, solid waste management and area connectivity), dovetailed with primary and reproductive healthcare, primary education and sustainable livelihoods.
  • Primary and Reproductive Healthcare Program. To establish community based and managed health care systems comprising health committees, community health workers and health care centers with the aim of meeting the integrated rural needs of primary and reproductive healthcare, out patient treatment, referral systems and, emergency treatment and health education.
  • Primary Education and Adult Literacy Program. To work in collaboration with partners and establish community-based and managed primary education and adult literacy centers in order to contribute to the national effort of literacy.
  • Early Childhood Care and Development Program. To create awareness and capacities within communities, particularly of primary caregivers in integrated early childcare and development (conception to 5 years) encompassing; early child education (3-5 years), psychosocial, intellectual, cognitive and physical development, immunization, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, protection against child discrimination and registration at birth.
2 . Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Capacity Building for Skills Enhancement: To reduce poverty of marginalized sections of the society, particularly women by encouraging increasing household incomes through a holistic application of capacity building, micro-financing, small business skills and marketing support.
  • Capacity Building for Micro-enterprise Development: To conduct participatory capacity building workshops on micro-enterprise development, management of agro-livestock and natural resource management at the grassroots level.
  • Empowerment through Technical Skills: To establish vocational skills development centers for women so that they acquire skills that enable them to establish income-generating cottage industries as well as find employment opportunities in small businesses.
  • Small Business through Micro- Financing: To establish women economic empowerment community-based micro-enterprise projects that integrates all elements and tools such as micro financing, skills development and marketing of products of their small businesses. as well as natural resource management technical skills development for better yields from agro-livestock management.
3. Organizational Resource Mobilization
  • Project Management Services: To build the capacity of CUP as a resource center, with an intrinsic capacity to offer one-window project management services to development organizations, government agencies, donors, NGOs and the private sector, which covers: a) Baseline Surveys b) Project Formulation c) Project Implementation on Turn Key Basis d) Project Benefit, Monitoring and Evaluation (PBME) Services.
  • Human/Institutional Development Services Institutional Capacity Building Services: Developing Organizational Effectiveness, Turnkey establishment of organization, Development of Organizational Systems and Procedures, Team Building, Re-engineering of Organizational Work Pocesses, uman Resource Management Systems & Resource Mobilization Methods.
  • Human Resource Capacity Building Services: Developing Individual Competencies & Skills, Effective Written and Oral Communications, Team Building. Stress Management, Time Management, Proposal Writing, Project Design/Formulation through Logical Framework Approach, Secretarial and Administrative Skills, Financial Accounting & Management Skills and Micro-Entrepreneurial Skills Development.
  • Fund-Raising Campaigns: To establish an “endowment fund” by expanding the portfolio of donations/grants through fund-raising campaigns, charity shows, taping resources from the corporate sector and others.
  • Small Scale Resource Mobilization Ventures: To establish small and medium commercial ventures under a separate management system, so that income/revenues is generated for organizational capacity building and program expansion.
  • Operational Costs Recovery: To expand our portfolio of donor-assisted projects so that our operational costs are cost-shared through project cost-sharing methodologies.