Major Livelihood Sector Projects of CUP Pakistan

We work with the communities through a holistic livelihood enhancement & protection framework that facilitates the graduation of the ultra-poor to non-poor through a process starting with poverty score card analysis, development of livelihood investment plans, capacity building of common interest groups, assets transfer (tools and micro-finance), marketable skills & enterprise development and linking to various safety nets. These interventions are needs based and cover agriculture, livestock, small individual & group businesses etc.

#Project Title & AreaPeriodDonorAmount (PKR)
1. Livelihood Enhancement and Enterprise Development Project-III in District Shangla June 2013 Jul 2016 PPAF/WB 76,680,000
2. “Livelihood Support & Promotion of Small Community Infrastructure Project” (LACIP) June 2013 Dec 2016 KFW/PPAF 125,194,500
3. Integrated Rehabilitation Project (Livelihood Component) in District Shangla Jul 2012 Jun 2015 KNH Germany 20,326,155
4. Livelihood Enhancement and Enterprise Development Project-II in District Shangla Oct 2011 Sep 2013 PPAF/WB 37,296,000
5. Early Livelihoods Recovery in District Shangla Sep 2010 Jul 2011 PPAF/WB 67,840,250
6. Livelihood Enhancement and Enterprise Development Project-I in District Shangla Nov 2009 Jun 2010 PPAF/WB 2,962,452
7. Livelihoods through Bio-Diversity Dec 2005 Nov 2007 UNDP 2,935,500
8. Sustainable Livelihoods Project in Mansehra May 2006 Dec 2006 CRS/USAID 4,526,900

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